Fleecy knitting machine Rib knitting machine

Type: GLS/3F

Circular knitting machine Terry knitting machine


Description for our machine:

Two in One Take-Down Device For Rolling & Cutting :
The machine can be used for fabric rolling and cutting thus serving dual purposes, it will make the piece goods to have no crease at all thus fully utilizing without any waste. It also can be used for rolling only in case of the cloth cutting is not required.

Fabrics to be knitted:
Suitable for knitting summer fabrics, float knitting, pique, twill, leisure suits, bed cover, industrial linings. Knitting with Lycra, then it can knit swimming suits, dancing tights¡Ketc.

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Specification List:
Cylinder Dia 30¡¨ , 32¡¨, 34¡¨
Gauge 14G ~ 32G
R.P.M. 15-20
Feeders 3F , 4F
Motor (HP) 5.6
Model Feeder Gauge
Needle No.
GLS 30¡¨ 90F 120F 14G-18G VO 141.64
GLS 32¡¨ 96F 128F 18G-24G VO 141.52
24G-28G VO 141.41
GLS 34¡¨ 102F 136F 28G-32G VO 141.36